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Frequently Asked Questions

-It is 100% FREE to create a profile on Webletes. In doing so, you will allow people all across the country to view your stats, pictures and videos.

-Webletes recommends posting your top 3 to 5 highlights (30 seconds to 2 minutes) on this website along with any news articles and stats. This will allow college recruiters to see you in action as well as your personal information and statistics throughout your season and career.

- Signing up for the locker room will allow you to receive information about what is going on around the globe with high school athletes. The newsletter will also inform you of different camps that are taking place on college campus’s.

-No. You have the option to upload video's directly on Webletes or by copy and pasting the URL (ex:  from a third party video service like Youtube. 

-To become a featured athlete you need to click on the "Featured Athlete" button in your profile. Follow the instructions and your profile will be on display for everyone on

-This is very similar to becoming a featured athlete. Click on the "Featured Video" button on the profile page. Follow the instructions and submit the video you would like to Feature. 

-You can upload approximately 2MB (approximately 2-5 min) directly onto our website. The file must be flv or mov. If you are using Youtube to display your video, you can add as many as you would like.