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Reality Show Looking For High School Athletes

Webletes.com is looking for intriguing athletes to help portray the lifestyle of a High School Athlete looking to play at the collegiate level. The Webletes team has partnered with one of the top producers of reality shows to showcase the recruiting process mixed with the everyday grind of school and practice. Webletes is going on a 12 city hunt for candidates and will be interviewing athletes to potentially take part in the reality show.

Webletes will be hosting high school football combine camps at numerous cities where athletes can showcase their talents and get noticed not only as potential collegiate athletes but as reality tv stars. Football athletes who attend will be evaluated and interviewed at the camps.

 “Getting to see an athlete perform live at our camps will give us a better idea of what their talent and personality is like. Auditions and videos will be accepted by all sports, but we will most likely be selecting an athlete that attends our camp to participate in the show,” says Webletes founder Tim Curran.


If you cannot attend the open interview, candidates can email a 1-2 minute Youtube video about themselves to Info@webletes.com (Please provide your name, sport, graduation year and why you would be a good fit) or get preregistered for the camp at Webletes.com and be interviewed in person. 


If you have any question please contact Pat@Webletes.com


Open auditions to all high school athletes / sports will be announced shortly





About Webletes

On The House

Times are tough these days. The last thing you want to do is spend money on an unexpected expense. Webletes has taken it upon themselves to provide a recruiting website that is 100% free to join! Spend last week's allowance on something else. You don't need to waste hard earned cash on envelopes, stamps & DVDs anymore.

Mission Statement

Webletes is an Internet based High School/Junior College recruiting website committed to giving the best quality possible to both our athletes and coaches. Our mission is simple. We want athletes to gain exposure and be recruited as well as assist coaches in finding the best High School/Junior College athletes in the country.

Webletes (a combination of "World Wide Web" and "Athletes") is a social media website designed for the recruitment of High School/Junior College athletes.

High School/Junior College athletes have the opportunity to submit basic sports and scholastic information, as well as upload career highlights for college coaches to review. If a college is interested, the coach will have the opportunity to recruit athletes via Webletes. Webletes is a free membership to both athletes and coaches. As you well know, this approach will be extremely beneficial for an athlete who is undergoing the recruitment process. With its novel approach and ease of navigation, Webletes will have a tremendous, immediate impact on the recruitment of athletes.

We are so much more than your typical recruiting website. Webletes.com is your recruiting launch pad. We truly care about your recruitment and are open to questions. We are eager to give you advice on how to better sell your sell yourself to collegiate coaches.

Social Media describes websites that allow users to share content, media, etc. Common examples are the popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Social Media also includes YouTube, Photo Bucket, Flickr and other sites aimed at photo and video sharing. Webletes takes advantage of these different features in Social Media websites to create an environment for athletes and coaches to come together.