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Having trouble getting recruited? Struggling to gain exposure? Not sure the next step in the recruiting process? Well, become a Webletes Certified Recruit and Ask the Coach.

My name is Pat Curran, and I am the Director of Player Development here at I am spearheading the Certified Recruit service for Webletes. We want to be your personal recruiting coach. You will have the guidance of a former college coach who knows how to get you recruited. This service would cost thousands of dollars through other recruiting companies and you would not get the return on investment you will with us.

Benefits of Becoming a Webletes Certified Recruit:

·         Develop a personal relationship with a former athlete / coach including having access to cell phone numbers and be able to call at anytime of the day.

o   Have the guidance of a former college coach and athlete that will give you educated, unbiased advice on the world of recruiting.

o   Have a former coach to be able to bounce questions and ideas off of

o   We will tell you what college coaches are looking for in future player and how to align yourself to fit that mold.

o   We will teach you the best Image Management Techniques to present yourself in the best possible way

o   We will advise what camps/combines will be important for you to attend

·         College Exposure

o   We will send collegiate coaches your profile for them to evaluate. Coaches get a ton of films sent to them everyday. Trust us, as former coaches it is difficult to be able to truly evaluate every athlete that comes in your mailbox. When they are sent from Pat Curran at, it is a name they can trust. We also have a number of connections to coaches whom we have worked with, coached against, or built relationships through the coaching community with.

o   Profile Examination- We will go through your Profile Page and make suggestions on how better to present yourself.

·         Step by Step guidance on the steps necessary in the recruiting process

o   Instruction on NCAA Rules and Regulations

o   You’ll receive a recruiting outline that will detail important dates and ways to stay ahead of the game

o   Aid in getting registered through the NCAA Clearinghouse

o   Prepare you for one on one interactions with coaches

o   Advice on how to make school work financially and how to get the most money you can from every school

Webletes Certified Recruits will get to work directly with our team members who have the knowledge and credentials to provide the best service for our athletes. This service is lead by:

George -was both an All-Ohio athlete in high school and an All-American in college at Kent State University. In his time as both a coach and player, he has competed and traveled at the premier levels of the NCAA including the Sea Ray and Penn Relays. Through his experiences, he has amassed a number of connections in the coaching field throughout every level of collegiate track and field as well as cross country, His true love and commitment to the sport is what continue to thrive in this field (pardon the pun).

Pat -was both a standout high school football player and college athlete at both Bowling Green State University and Ashland University. Following is playing career, he coached for a number of years in the collegiate ranks at both Ashland University and Oberlin College. His unique perspective of college recruiting at all three Divisions and both as a recruit and a recruiter, give him a knowledge and expertise he brings everyday. He understands what coaches are looking for and how to position an athlete to succeed at the next level. His passion for the game is what separates him from others. Just call him and you'll see: 440-537-9400.


To become a Webletes Certified Recruit, please email me at I look forward to taking you to the next level!

Coach Curran

Director of Player Personnel